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Jenny Jahlee is a Pacific Northwest native whose initial pull to write and play music came from a musical father and an affinity and passion for truly feeling all of life. Self-taught on both guitar and vocals, Jenny’s songs traverse a variety of genres which convey comfort, inspiration, soul, and some good old-fashioned rock and roll- ultimately providing an experience that is both meaningful and danceable. These eclectic tunes are lyrically driven, and Jenny possesses a gift for speaking to the heart as well as the mind and spirit. She speaks and rhymes with a high intelligence and ability to guide a narrative.


Jenny’s supporting band “The Menagerie” is an ever-changing cast of incredibly skilled musicians and friends. Every Jenny Jahlee & The Menagerie show promises a full band improvisation, highlighting the essence and talent of the Menagerie as well as Jenny’s vocal abilities. These lyrical improvisations evidence just how genuine her spiritual and intellectual sentiments are, as such poetry and pose fire from her mind and mouth without diversion. Aside from these “one time only” gifts for each audience, one can anticipate Jenny’s silly, sweet, and good-humored banter to kindle a sense of camaraderie and connection with every crowd.


With thematic elements promoting the practices of gratitude, self-love, and building community, Jenny Jahlee’s first studio album “Be You” (recorded in Portland, Oregon’s Hallowed Halls, with Justin Phelps) will be released in October 2018. In the meantime, you can catch Jenny playing local shows and festivals around Portland, followed by a Northwest tour to promote the album release! Whether you catch Jenny with her full band or one of her more stripped-down solo sessions, you are guaranteed a beautiful and celebratory experience balancing light-heartedness around an emotional center.

Currently, Jenny is a living in Hood River, OR as is a multidimensional healing artist ( and tends her gardens, her relationships, and her joy in the best way she knows how. She believes in the power of lifting each other up,

loving yourself enough to battle the confusing times we are living in, 

and remembering to breathe :)

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